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Canyon Country: How Is Your Neighborhood Doing?

Looking to sell your home in Canyon Country? If done correctly and at the right time, you could find yourself collecting substantial profits. While planning, preparation, and precise handling of real estate transactions are all beneficial to your success in today’s real estate market, it is also imperative you examine your neighborhood’s recent housing market performance. If you are considering buying or selling a home in Canyon Country, take a moment to consider what has been going on in the area in recent months.

2015 data collected by Dippy and published in Dippy’s Digest shows that 860 homes were sold in Canyon Country last year at an average price of $428,000 per home. When compared to 2014, this comes out to a 9% increase in home values – the largest area appreciation throughout Santa Clarita Valley. On average, however, most homes sold at 14% less than their initial list prices, most likely due to an increase in the number of buyers choosing to work with realtors.

As of Spring 2016, only 113 homes are currently on the market – a 23% decrease over the previous year’s numbers. This is likely a sign that homes in this area are highly sought after and are sold quickly, decreasing their supply. Furthermore, only 12% of homes in Canyon Country were previously distressed, meaning that they were owned by the bank or forcibly sold through short sales. This is an excellent sign for the market as a whole, as just four years ago, 59 percent of homes on the market were in distress.

What Does It All Mean?

Overall, all signs point towards upward progress in the Canyon County housing market, with 2016 projected to yield similar results. Given the area’s growth and increase in home values, it appears that now is an excellent time for sellers to cash in or for buyers to snag a home for a reasonable price. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Canyon Country, contact Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent Dippy Chhina today. Having earned a highly respected reputation throughout Santa Clarita for her unmatched professionalism and personal touch, she can help you eliminate the guesswork of the real estate process and help you achieve a smooth transaction.

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