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Stevenson Ranch: How is Your Neighborhood Doing?

Thinking about selling your Stevenson Ranch home? If done correctly, you could be collecting big on profits. Careful planning, preparation, and the handling of real estate transactions are not all it takes to land a successful sale, though; you also need to know about the housing market’s recent performance for your neighborhood. Before you jump straight into trying to sell your home, take a second to review what has been happening in the area lately.

Dippy Chhina collects market data for all the neighborhoods of Santa Clarita and publishes them in Dippy’s Digest. According to the most recent findings (2015), the average selling price for a home in Stevenson Ranch was $629,000; this number is the average sum of the 236 homes sold there in 2015. While this is actually a 6% rise from 2014, it is a full 7% less than the prices set for homes as they enter the market. It is estimated that only 18 homes are currently for sale in Stevenson Ranch, a drop of 27% from last year, which indicates that when a home does go up for grabs, people jump at the chance to buy it. Who can blame them? Stevenson Ranch is one of the most beautiful areas of the Santa Clarita Valley with convenient location to the 5 freeway.

Additionally, just 1% of homes sold in Stevenson Ranch were previously distressed, meaning they were owned by the bank or sold through short sales. This is incredibly encouraging for the market as a whole, for back in 2012, a staggering 45% of homes in the area were distressed. It would appear that people who are deciding to live in Stevenson Ranch are setting up affordable pricing that will not prove too much for their finances.

How You Should React to the Data

Now that you know more about Stevenson Ranch’s housing market, you can make your choice with more confidence. If you want to sell now, you will most likely find a buyer. The 6% rise in pricing in one year and limited number of homes for sale do indicate that the pricing for home could increase even more given a year or two, depending on supply and demand trends. To make an informed decision that does not leave you guessing or with regret, let Santa Clarita Realtor Dippy China help you! Contact her today for more information about her services.