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Getting to Know the Realtor: Where "Dippy" Comes From

Name - Dippy

Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent “Dippy” Chhina is frequently asked about the origin of her name whenever she meets someone new. The story behind her unique name is actually quite humorous and goes back to when she was a young child.

Dippy’s legal name is Lovdeep, which translates to “an ocean of wishes.” For short, her mother would call her “Deepi,” which similarly means the wish you make when you light a candle. When Deepi was young, her older brother thought it would be funny to teach her how to spell her name – only he incorrectly taught her to spell it as “Dippy.”

Dippy has gone by the name ever since. Her brother even bought her a private license plate with “Dippy” on it on her 18th birthday. The secret of her name’s origin would finally be revealed on her 21st birthday when she asked her mother why she never spelled her name right. Her brother’s mischief was exposed, though it was too late – the name had already stuck!

Dippy loves the name now and thanks her brother for his role in its origin.

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