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Dippy Sells Client Home for More than Upgraded Rival Home

When it comes to selling a home in Santa Clarita, having the want to sell it is not really enough. You also need to have real estate know-how and one eye kept on the housing market at all times. This is the service Dippy Chhina and her team at Dippy provide their clients, and it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to successful sales, as a recent client story shows. Despite both homes being incredibly similar, Dippy got her client $53,000 more than the rival seller. Let’s take a look at the details.

Both homes were in Saugus. In fact, both homes were on the same street, only a few doors apart from each other. Now that’s close quarters! Both were built in the same year, had the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms (4+3), had great views accompanied by a pool, and listed around the same time. The differences are what makes this success story interesting, though.

Some of the key differences between the properties are:

  1. Dippy’s list price was $525K; rival’s was $480K
  2. Dippy’s client sold in 50 days for $540K; rival sold in 53 days for $487K
  3. Dippy’s home had slightly more square feet, but a lot that was about half the size.
  4. Dippy’s home had all original appliances and bathroom, but the other had upgraded kitchen and master bathroom.

Numbers 3 and 4 on the list are huge difference makers, or at least they should have been. More lot space is a major selling point that buyers in Saugus jump on since many areas in Santa Clarita don’t offer much of a backyard at all, and especially not a lot. Also, the people of the SCV typically have refined tastes and an appreciation for the finer things, so upgraded kitchens and bathrooms are also wildly popular.

And yet, Dippy managed to get her client $53,000 more than the rival seller just down the street. How? The Dippy Difference, that’s how! By paying attention to her clients, knowing the buyers out there, having a full and up-to-date understanding of the real estate market in Santa Clarita, and being an experienced negotiator, Dippy Chhina secured the better marketing strategy and the better sale.

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