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Tips to Make Your Home Sell Without Spending Any Money: Step 2 - Declutter!

Once you have given your home a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning, your next priority will be to reorganize and declutter. Eliminating clutter is a part of comprehensive process known as home staging which utilizes several different methods to maximize a home’s aesthetic appeal, thereby attracting as many buyers as possible and increasing its selling price.

Decluttering Can Make Your Home Appear Spacious

One of the biggest reasons people give for moving out of their current home is a need for additional space. As such, you need to make your home look as spacious as you can in order to make it look inviting. If a potential buyer comes to look at your home and sees that you appear to be running out of available space, they may decide to look elsewhere.

Reorganization does exactly that. By eliminating clutter and junk, buyers will be able to see the true value of your home and imagine themselves living in it. In addition, decluttering allows you to attract buyers’ focus to your property’s strengths rather than highlighting its weaknesses. Rather than being distracted by your personal items, buyers will instead be able to focus on your home’s actual size and features, giving you the advantage.

Where Do You Start?

Decluttering can at first seem daunting – after all, you are still living in your home and will likely still need to use your things. Think of reorganizing as a more of a selective pruning of distractions rather than a major exodus of all of your belongings from your home. As always, it is important you follow the rule of three piles – one to keep, one to donate, and one to throw away.

Some tips for decluttering room by room include:

  • Clear counters of small appliances
  • Store items you can live without until after the move
  • Put towels and potholders in doors instead of hanging from the oven handle
  • Bundle television and computer cables so they are not hanging all over the place
  • Put sponges and cleaners in a bowl under the sink
  • Find a temporary home for jewelry, perfume, and toiletries
  • Pack or throw away all but three sets of linens to create an airy look in your closets
  • Remove all evidence of pest problems, such as ant powder
  • Keep only a few family photographs on display
  • Clear out stacks of magazines and books
  • Eliminate all but a few tasteful pieces of artwork
  • If you have children, put their toys in an easy to collect area, such as a basket

Selling Property in Santa Clarita

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