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Is Being a Good Realtor Really Enough?

Real estate transactions are pretty serious business when you consider how much goes into them, and what is on the line. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to be on the receipt, whether you are looking to sell or buy a home. When everything is said and done, at least one family is going to have a new place to call their own and build their lives.

For matters so important, you need to ask yourself, “Is a good realtor going to be enough to handle it?” Or could it be possible that you need a great realtor to make certain everything goes according to plan and to your best interests?

Original List Price to Sale Price Ratio

How can you spot a great realtor amongst many good ones? A telltale sign of experience, know-how, and genuine interest in the client’s wellbeing is the “original list price to sale price ratio.” This ratio represents the difference between what a selling client originally wanted for their home, and what they ultimately got for it. Some realtors will show you an “unoriginal” list price, which is the price first set by the realtor; this is not the same as the original list price, as it could be much, much lower.

In 2015, homes in Santa Clarita on average sold for 9% less than the original list price. Do the math and you will find that most homeowners were getting $47,000 less for their homes than they wanted or thought it was worth. Canyon Country had the biggest disparity, the gap jumping up to a noticeable 14%.

This is not ideal and indicates that many people were working with “just good” realtors that only wanted to close a sale after they locked their clients into a contract. There are also plenty of stories of people trusting a friend or family member who acts as a realtor as a secondary job or hobby, rather than making it their devoted career.

Dippy Chhina, the Great Realtor of Santa Clarita

It is tough to say who the very best realtor or real estate agent in Santa Clarita is, but it can be said with confidence that Dippy Chhina is great at what she does. Dippy is well-known for always coming up with unique and viable plans for her clients that consider what they are selling or what they want to buy, and how the market supports their goals. She is also affiliated with a wide network of real estate agencies so she can easily search high and low for the right property or buyer.

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