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Three Things You Should Never Say When Selling Your Home

When potential buyers drop in to see your home, whether with an agent or not, there are several things you can say that might sink your deal before negotiations even get serious. Here are three things you should never say when selling your home, as they could wind up doing far more harm than good.

“I’m Not Taking Less than X For My Home”

It’s perfectly normal not to want to be low-balled in offers for your home. Everyone wants a good deal, but you also don’t want to be fleeced on your home’s value just to make the sale. However, as a seller there are some things you’ll have to budge on. It’s normal to expect initial offers to come in low, but that’s why you have negotiations: if a buyer is truly interested, you’ll be able to eventually come to a final agreement on an amount you’re comfortable with taking. Showing you’re unwilling to negotiate beyond a certain point gives buyers little incentive to even try, and they’ll move on to the next home where the owners will likely be more receptive.

“The House is In Perfect Condition”

No house is in perfect condition. Period. Even brand new, never-before-lived-in houses have little quirks here and there that will need fixed. As homes sit in the sun and are pelted with rain, they’ll sustain damage. Saying your house is in perfect condition only makes you look like a stubborn, defensive seller who is unwilling to admit their property has faults and likewise will be unwilling to negotiate. Be open and straightforward with the faults in your home—it likely won’t hurt your final sale value all that much.

“We Spent a Ton of Money on [Insert Features]”

Just because you love the cherry wood floors you installed throughout your home or the modern, cutting-edge light fixtures you put into every room doesn’t mean that your potential buyer will feel the same. The fact of the matter is any reasonable buyer and their agent will look at comparable units throughout the neighborhood and use that along with the condition of your property to offer a similar price. They might not even like the feature you installed and are planning on replacing it as soon as they move in! Some features add considerable value to a home, but it may not be the ones you think.

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