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Five Interior Design Faux Pas That Turn Off Home Buyers

The more buyers you entice with your home, the more offers you will likely receive and the faster you’ll be able to sell. However, while you may think your home is fantastic and beautiful for how you would like to live, many people often forget that design choices are largely personal and what one person likes may not be popular with the next person… or several people for that matter. This is particularly true when it comes to interior design—while someone may love what they’ve done with their home, it might wind up being a major turn-off for many others, and could result in you struggling to sell your home.

Here are some interior design faux pas that could wind up hurting your chances to close a sale.

Boldly Painted Walls

Modern design has popularized using bold, outstanding colors to highlight your home, and it’s not uncommon to see walls that are bright red, dark blue, or even black. While this may look great for what you like, it’s often overbearing for someone who prefers their home to have a bright and open look (dark colors do make spaces feel smaller). Additionally, someone else may like bold colors, but not the particular one you’ve chosen, and painting over a bold color can require numerous coats of primer and lots of time and expense. If you find you’re struggling to sell your place, try painting your walls white or a light color and you could see increased interest.


For years, gold was seen as an extremely popular accent in any home. Gold and brass colored light fixtures has signified royalty and class, often invoking a feeling of European royalty. Today, that’s not really a good thing. In fact, what once was meant to be classy is now more regarded as tacky, and it usually jumps out of a room to scare prospective buyers… and scare them away. In small amounts gold can be okay, but anything more than one or two accent pieces and buyers will likely comment that your home just feels dated and that they’d like something newer.


Carpet is a somewhat contentious subject in interior design nowadays. While some people love the warm and comforting feeling that carpet can bring, some of the more wild interior designers have gone a little nuts and we’ve started seeing trends like shag carpeting or crazy colors reappearing. While this retro or vintage look might be a cool feature to you, for many others it’s an eyesore that will have to come out the moment they move in. As anyone knows, replacing carpeting is expensive, and odds are your potential buyers will vanish as quickly as they see it.

One popular, particularly for high-traffic areas in homes, is to simply do away with carpet entirely and go with a hardwood floor option. Keeping these areas of homes clean can be a huge chore with carpet. Putting down the funds to switch over to hardwood flooring can not only dramatically increase the appeal of your property, but it can increase the value and give you the ability to advertise that your floors are new, attracting even more buyers.

Crazy Wallpaper

Did you choose the wallpaper in your home to make a statement with your design tastes? While you might love it, others may hate it. Getting rid of wallpaper is a tremendous pain, and your potential buyers are probably not going to want to deal with it… or live with it. Painting over your wallpaper is one option, but depending on how wild it really is, you could find this isn’t plausible. Try to stick to neutral wallpaper if possible, and if you love one particular design, consider getting rid of it before showing your home to prospective buyers. That or be willing to compromise and say you’re willing to remove it before they move in.

Converted Rooms

You are selling a three-bedroom home, but the bedroom you converted into a full-fledged game room or large walk-in closet storage space probably can’t be used as a bedroom anymore without significant rearranging and repurposing work. The same can be said for garages—while men love to make their dream “man-cave” or convert the garage into habitable space, knocking down walls or reducing garage space for homeowners who want a secure place to keep their vehicles could wind up turning potential buyers away. Don’t do anything too drastic to your rooms: while you should absolutely feel free to use the spaces as you’d like, make it simple to convert them back into a functional bedroom when you’re ready to move out.

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