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Five Tips for Selling Your Home This Summer

Summer is a time for fun, freedom, vacations, and a chance to break away from the normal daily grind of the rest of the year. What this also means is that those wanting to move will be in the market for a new home. This means that summer is also the best time to sell your home, so if you’re looking for the best time to put your home up for sale, you need to take advantage of these few months. Here are seven things you should know that might increase your chances of selling your home during peak season for the real estate market.

Go On the Market at the Right Time

Most people want to move during the summer months. Kids are out of school and can be transitioned easily, and the weather is nice, which makes a move far easier with less chance of property damage. A typical peak season homebuyer will often start reviewing the houses available on the market around March or April, but they’ll really get down to business after Memorial Day. This means June traditionally sees the highest number of homes sold every year nationwide. This trend usually continues through July and August, but by that point the number of homes on the market usually exceeds the number of remaining buyers, so it can be harder to close a deal. If you want to sell your home this summer, have it ready to go up for sale by the end of May at the absolute latest.

Prepare Your Exterior

It only takes a few seconds for a potential buyer to form an opinion about your home, and that first opinion will be based almost exclusively on the appearance of your home’s exterior. Putting in a few hours of work to make the outside of your home look clean and well-kept can inspire confidence in buyers and make them excited to see the rest of your home, while a dirty and unkempt exterior can turn them off from your home almost immediately. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, water the plants, and touch up any paint that’s looking old or flaky and you could see potential buyers show a lot more interest in your home.

Keep the Home Cool

One of the biggest turnoffs to home buyers is a house that’s no cooler than the scorching temperatures outside. Buyers want to know they can come in from the heat to a cool and comfortable home, and if your home doesn’t show that, it’s a pretty big turn-off. If you have central air conditioning, consider having a maintenance tune-up service performed to get it running well again and be sure to have it on and working when potential buyers come to visit. If the system is off, it could be a red flag to the buyer, giving them the impression it isn’t working. It may cost a little more in your electric bill, but selling your home makes the investment worth it.

De-Personalize Your Home

Homes often contain our own little fingerprints on them everywhere. Things such as drawings and report cards on the refrigerator, family portraits hung on a wall, and artwork or paintings displayed proudly in a gallery or hallway all add those little touches which turn a house into a true, genuine home. Here’s the thing, they turn it into your home, not your potential buyer’s home. Buyers are usually more attracted to homes where they can envision it as their home. That means taking your personal touches off of it and allowing them to picture their own personal touches on it. If a buyer can establish this vision, they’re a lot more likely to put in a serious offer on your home.

Stage Appropriately

There’s a good amount of debate about staging and whether or not it’s really necessary to sell a home. On one hand, some people argue that seeing someone else’s stuff in a home makes it harder to envision that home as their own. On the other, an empty home can be seen as cold and uninviting. Generally, it’s pretty widely established that properly staging your home to make it look appealing to buyers is a good idea, but going all-out on doing it isn’t usually worth the cost.

Instead, you can take advantage of the season and stage your home to reflect the beauty of summer. Open the windows, place bright flowers on the tables, and have summer scented candles burning in a few places in your home are a few inexpensive but attractive things which make your home seem that much more inviting. You want to show your buyer what their home could be, not what it looks like with you in it, and not what it looks like completely empty, primarily because neither of those situations really matter once the house changes hands.

You should also consider hiring an experienced Valencia realtor who can represent you and get the best deal possible for your home. Dippy can provide you with the experience and knowledge you need to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price. Dippy has a passion for working with people and can help you take full advantage of the peak sales season with excellent representation, quality marketing, and friendly, dedicated service.

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