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How to Sell Your Home Faster Than Your Neighbors

Selling your home can either be a quick and easy process, or it can be a long and arduous one. With so many factors in play, it can be hard to tell how long it might take to finally manage to find a buyer and close the deal. However, as a homeowner there are numerous things you can do to increase your home’s appeal and locate potential buyers much faster, and the best part is they are easier than you might think! Here are five ways to sell your home faster than your neighbors!

Upgrade Your Landscaping

Do you believe in “love at first sight?” If not, you should start—particularly when it comes to home buying. Statistically, homebuyers know whether or not they love a potential property within minutes of arriving, and much of this is due to the first impression they get. A good first impression means they will likely remain interested throughout the tour and be far more likely to put in an offer; a bad one, not so much. So what can you do to improve your first impression? Updating your landscaping is arguably the most effective way to do this. A few extra flowers in the beds lining your driveway and some extra water and fertilizer on the lawn can go a long way towards making your property look more appealing to potential home buyers than a yard that looks neglected or minimally cared for.

Move Out

This might seem difficult, but an unoccupied and move-in ready home is often extremely appealing to home buyers. Studies have shown that an empty house without any furniture or property in it at all tends to show far better than homes that are still occupied. Primarily this is because people have a harder time visualizing their own possessions in a home when it is already full of someone else’s things. Additionally, an empty home often looks bigger, giving the sense of a better value for the asking price.

So while it might seem like a difficult decision to go live somewhere else when you own a perfectly good house, packing up your stuff and getting out might go a long way towards getting your sale closed quicker than it would have with you still living there.

Re-Paint or Install New Flooring

While walking on the same floors and staring at the same walls each day may not seem like a huge deal, you’d be shocked what replacing them can do to improve your home’s value. Many homes on the market love to highlight things like new floors because they give homeowners a fresh start and dramatically improve the overall quality of the property. When you can’t offer the same, your property just serves to highlight how much better the other property is than yours, particularly if the prices are similar. Installing new flooring, and coating your walls with a fresh layer of paint, particularly in the high-traffic areas of a home, can also improve your property value substantially, allowing you to not only sell faster, but sell for more as well.

Video Walkthrough

A high-quality video walkthrough of a home can provide an exceptional first-impression to a homeowner before they’ve even been to your property. Think of it like a brochure: a good one is eye-catching and hooks your potential buyer right from the get-go, while also expanding your reach and showing your product (your home) to a much larger audience. A good video will also show the highlights of your home, including things you have recently redone, features that may be unique, and much more, all to get people excited to see your home before they arrive. A homeowner who is excited is already mentally prepared to like what they see, and will usually confirm that excitement.

Ask your real estate agent about creating a video listing for your property, including using aerial shots captured by drone that can put a new and eye-catching edge to the look of your home (and show off the beautiful, energy saving solar panels you have on your roof, if you have them).

Price Properly

A homeowner may love your house, but if it’s priced way beyond its actual value, you’re going to have a tough time finding a buyer or even fielding a reasonable offer. When it comes to selling your home, price is the most important factor. If the price is right, people will be willing to overlook a few flaws and put in an offer. If the price is wrong, they’ll skim right past the listing from the get-go. Sellers will almost always want more than their property is worth, and those who go too far beyond this amount will be stuck scratching their heads when they can’t sell their home.

Find out what homes in your neighborhood have sold for in the last six months to determine a rough estimate for what your own home might go for. From there, you can bring your asking price up and down based on any unique features your home may offer or work that might need done by the prospective buyers. If your home is priced right, you should field some offers quickly. If not, you’ll probably be stuck watching your neighbors sell while you continue to wait.

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