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Are Drones the Next Big Thing for Real Estate Appraisers?

When you hear the phrase “real estate appraising,” most people think of a real estate professional coming to your home, taking a few photos, and providing you with an estimate of its value based on its features, visual aesthetic, and current market trends. While these tried and true methods have long been the standard, new technologies have provided real estate professionals with new opportunities to streamline the real estate valuation process – and often in unconventional ways. According to a blog posted by the National Association of Realtors, drones may just be the next big tool that will revolutionize the way real estate professionals appraise properties.

How Can Drones Help?

We’ve often heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” With the use of drones, appraisers can now obtain detailed birds-eye view photographs of a property and its features, including:

  • The condition of a building’s roof
  • Air conditioning units and gutters
  • Land topography
  • Proximity to surrounding buildings
  • Nearby power lines
  • Rivers, lakes, and other natural features
  • Hard to reach places such as attics

While learning to fly a drone for commercial real estate use is no easy endeavor, recent relaxations in federal regulations have made drone use a much more feasible and attractive option as drone operators are no longer required to hold a pilot’s license - a certification which can be notoriously expensive and time-consuming to obtain. Now, appraisers can use drones to highlight the attractive features of a property that otherwise would have remained hidden, maximizing its selling value.

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