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Is Home Staging Worth The Extra Cost?

If you’ve struggled to sell your house for some time, then your realtor may have suggested staging your home in an effort to try and drum up business. When looking for a home, most people look at listing photos straight away, and visually-appealing photos are much more likely to grab someone’s interest. However, staging a home can cost thousands of extra dollars, and the question then becomes whether or not the staging photos become worth this extra investment. We’ll answer this question on this blog.

How Is The Property Showing?

The longer your property is on the market, the more likely it’s seen several potential buyers who have walked away after one or two viewings without making an offer. This then often begs the question as to why. Does your home simply not have the features that others in the neighborhood do? Is your asking price too high? In the case of the latter, if asking price cuts still fail to bring in serious suitors, then odds are the price isn’t what’s scaring people off; it’s the home’s impression.

In cases like this, a makeover may work wonders in attracting new and even higher offers. How much of a makeover your home warrants depends on several things: your budget, your impression, and what you’re trying to highlight. In some cases, a simple de-cluttering of the home and better listing photos with brighter lighting and organization can immediately drum up more business than even an open house ever could. However, if you’re trying to sell a home that’s clearly dated, you may need some extra help, and this is where the question of cost versus return comes into play.

Can Home Staging Help You?

Buyers are visual—they want to take a look at a home and be able to picture themselves living there. The better your home looks in this regard, the more likely you’ll receive an offer, and the better the offers you’ll receive will be. However, in some cases, staging isn’t necessary. If the home you’re trying to sell is small, having it empty may actually be more beneficial than placing a bunch of staging furniture in it. Empty homes aren’t necessarily bad for buyers, as they make it easier for them to picture their own things in the home and how they’d arrange it. Not to mention, empty spaces almost always look bigger than those that are filled with stuff.

However, if your home is already on the larger side, keeping it empty can have the opposite effect on some potential buyers, making it look too big, and thus scaring off potential buyers who think they can get something more reasonably sized for less cost. There’s another side to large houses as well: open houses. Staging may look great for photos, but it doesn’t really tell the whole story when compared to seeing a home in person. Having bright, modern furniture in a space when a potential buyer can come and see the home for themselves can really help solidify interest in a home, particularly when there’s a crowd of potential buyers all seeing a home at the same time.

Extreme Home Staging

If the home you’re trying to sell is worth a substantial amount (for example, $1 million or more), then odds are good you’ll want to stage your home, and do so to a much greater degree than you would with a small condominium. If your home is worth a lot but struggling to bring in offers, staging with a complete re-design could be the key to start attracting the right types of buyers.

For example, if you’ve been using your own furniture, which is fine for your tastes, but doesn’t seem to be pulling in a lot of bids from buyers, consider staging your home with modern furniture, different color schemes, and even replacing some light fixtures with new recessed lighting that is more appealing to a broader market. Some people have even gone so far as to do minor renovations on certain rooms, including widening doorways, replacing doors, and even replacing cabinets to give a more modern, attractive look to potential buyers.

This may cost you thousands in the long run, but proper staging and strategic asking prices at this point could actually bring in tens or even hundreds of thousands of additional dollars from a buyer who gets a much better impression upon re-listing than those who were taking tours of the property before.

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