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Why Is My Home Not Selling?

It’s a seller’s market in Santa Clarita right now. A shortage of homes for sale, desirable living conditions, and investments in infrastructure are making properties here a hot commodity that buyers everywhere are scrambling to land for themselves. However, if you’re trying to sell your home and you’re finding that the buzz just doesn’t seem to be reaching you, the truth isn’t that your home isn’t desirable. Instead, you could be making a few fairly common mistakes that scare buyers away or keep their focus elsewhere on the market.


The most difficult question when selling your home is how much to ask for it. The listing price is the single biggest factor in a home’s appeal to buyers. This doesn’t mean a high price scares away buyers, in fact setting a higher asking price may help you lure a better buyer in some cases. However, your asking price needs to be comparable with other homes of similar styles and values on the market as well. Even though you might be tempted to list your home high and let sellers work you down a little bit until you get a price you’re okay with, going too high can scare potential buyers away right from the start. This is a particularly big problem when other homes in the neighborhood or around town that are similarly valued also go on the market at around the same time, making your home seem even more expensive by comparison. Conversely, setting your price at a reasonable level is more likely to attract several potential buyers, who may try to outbid each other for your house, thus driving your price up.

Not Making it Presentable

Buyers are going to want to come to see your home before you make your purchasing decision, and this first impression is huge when it comes to influencing whether or not a buyer is going to be interested in purchasing your home. When you know you’re going to have agents showing your home, keep it clean and well-kept, both inside and out. A dirty home implies it isn’t well cared for and there could be even bigger problems inside the walls. A clean, well-kept home implies it’s been taken care of and gives buyers more confidence that your home would be a great place for them. Pay particularly close attention to your front yard: first impressions mean a lot, and a well-groomed front yard does wonders in this respect.

Not Budging on Price

It’s been three weeks and you’re yet to field a single offer on your home. Your agent has held an open house and despite dozens of people coming through to see your home, nobody’s been interested enough to put in an offer. Yet your agent is telling you to hold firm on the price because someone will put in an offer soon. Well, someone might, but odds are that offer is probably going to be well below what you’ll accept, let alone what you’re asking for. This is usually the result of over-listing, and the worst thing you could do to an over-listed home is continue to stubbornly hold out for an offer with your current asking price. After a while, buyers will see that the home has been on the market for a long time and start to wonder what’s wrong with it. Interest will only decline.

However, dropping an over-listed price by a little bit not only brings your home back to the front of listings, but shows that the deal for buyers has been sweetened. Buyers are more willing to look at a home where they know the owners are willing to be flexible with the price, and you could find that you’re fielding offers on your home pretty quickly, even after just small bump down in the asking price.

Having a Poor Listing

So much of real estate hunting is done online now, and a good listing is one that is not only complete and offers a full range of information, but is descriptive and shows the house in a positive by highlighting all it can offer. Conversely, a poor or incomplete listing that leaves out valuable information can kill the buzz around a house as quickly as it came up.

Pictures are huge in listings. You’ll want to have good pictures of your property, including the main rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen and dining room. Pictures that show the house in a dirty state, such as with messes everywhere, dirty dishes in the sink, or laundry strewn everywhere can turn buyers away from a property in seconds. Conversely, opening windows, brightening the home, and making it neat and tidy can build a strong buzz around your home.

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