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Five Unexpected Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

So you’re looking to sell your home and you’re proud of how well you’ve cared for it. However, that care won’t go far if it can’t be seen in terms of value. That means if you want to get top dollar back on your investment, you’ll want to try and invest in ways that will actually bring up the asking price and help you increase your home’s overall value.

While you’ll likely hear of many different ways you can increase the value of your home, some are more effective than others, and sadly many of these effective ways are often overlooked. So on this blog, we’ll show you five ways that you can increase your home’s value that you likely didn’t expect.

Replace the Garage Door

You’re going to notice something about a few of these tips: they’re all improvements to the exterior of your home. That’s because one of the most important factors in regards to the value of your home that’s overlooked far too often is its curb appeal, or the impression it gives potential buyers as they approach it from the street. A home that looks beautiful is one that will immediately appeal to nearly any buyer, whereas one that doesn’t look great at first glance will usually bring the entire value down.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, the garage door is one of, if not the biggest influencer over your home’s condition. It makes up a large chunk of the front of your home, is one of the first things everyone sees, and is something everyone notices. An old, tattered door will not inspire confidence and really doesn’t look good, whereas a new door or even an older door that’s been freshly painted is a big boon to the overall curb appeal of your home, and thus its value.

Update Exterior Siding

This is a pretty big investment for someone who’s considering selling their home, but cracked, old, and damaged siding is a huge curb appeal killer and has even led to a number of potential buyers running away at first sight. Siding is a big project, and therefore shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, but new siding can add loads of value to your home. Especially when most siding panels on modern homes can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years or more if they’re properly cared for. For a potential buyer, not having to worry about replacing the siding on your home for a long time to come is something they’ll be more than happy to take in exchange for a higher price tag.

Improve Your Front Door

So your buyers have seen the siding of your home and the garage door, but there’s one more aspect to your curb appeal: the front door itself. And old, outdated, or worn-out front door gives off the vibe that the house inside is going to be as tattered and beaten as what’s protecting it. However, a door that’s new, or has recently been repainted to look fresh and clean can make the entire front of your home appeal well-kept and tidy, even if the paint on the stucco or siding around it isn’t exactly pristine. To go a step further, re-paint the trim around your door, pressure wash the side of your home to remove any dirt and dust accumulation, and even consider planting a few new flowers or shrubs near your front door to give it an even greater appeal as an entrance.

Furnish Your Attic

This may or may not be possible, depending on your floorplan and layout, but attics that have larger and more open spaces could make excellent extra bedrooms. Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 data estimated that remodeling an attic had an average national cost of around $1,200 and recouped around $1,482, a 116.9 percent increase on your return. This can go even further if you have exposed brick in your attic, where you could get nearly five percent higher than your expected price listing and sell your house as much as 36 days faster!

If You Choose One Room, Make It a Bathroom

Most people think that if you’re going to invest in one room in your home to increase its value, they always lean towards the kitchen. However, while the kitchen is an extremely important room and most people won’t buy a home with worn-out or dated kitchen, the fact of the matter is you really don’t get a lot of return on your investment. In fact, most people who remodel their kitchen before selling wind up actually failing to recoup their investment in its entirety, making the effort a pretty hefty loss.

Bathrooms, on the other hand, go much further. According to Zillow Talk, a bathroom remodel has a recovery rate of about a $1.71 for every dollar you spend on the project, or a 71 percent increase in your home’s value compared to the cost of your investment! Bathroom remodels are also significantly easier too due to the smaller space: you can likely find new plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, and lighting options that don’t have to cost a ton, and even major remodels are usually done in less than a week!

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